Train operators have warned customers to ‘avoid travel if possible’ on Monday as services are expected to be paralysed by gale-force winds of up to 60mph and heavy rain

 They were married within a month in a sharia ceremony and settled in California before moving to Cairo in 2011 where Georgelas met other jihadists and was a vocal supporter of ‘pre-IS pro-caliphate voices’.

Born Joya Choudhury to Bangladeshi parents, Joya was raised in Harrow, northwest London. After moving to another part of the British capital she was radicalized by Muslim girls who ‘slut shamed’ her for wearing Western clothes.

This is the moment the grieving Ukrainian parents of an 18-month-old boy rushed into hospital weeping over their son’s dead body after the toddler was killed by Russian shelling – as Putin’s invading forces spent another day shelling Ukrainian civilians yesterday killing at least eight.  

But life was so grim there that within weeks the mother-of-four and so-called ‘First Lady of ISIS’ had fled to Turkey, eventually settling in the US where she abandoned radical Islam and embarked on a new life preaching the dangers of extremism.

Users are able to search for specific books on the site and are also able to look for different ‘trigger warnings’ to avoid encountering uncomfortable topics, including child abuse, cancer and miscarriage.   

National Rail has warned anyone making essential journeys once services resume to expect ‘major disruption’ to routes ‘across most of Great Britain’ – including cancellations, delays and slower speeds onboard.

‘I saw one man run across the yard towards the apartment block and a shell land next to him, which blew his leg off. We were afraid to help him in case we were killed and there were no ambulances.’ She does not know if he survived or not.

All war is hell. But Mariupol’s descent into darkness has been meteoric, merciless and utterly monstrous after Vladimir Putin’s forces unleashed a horrific barrage of bombs, missiles and shells that have flattened this pleasant port on the Sea of Azov.

A Wikipedia-style website has compiled a list of trigger warnings for more than 6,000 books – including classics from Jane Austen and Charles Dickens (pictured left, Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’s Diary, and right, Emma by Jane Austen) 

Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko said today that Ukraine’s capital city has been ‘turned into a fortress’ ahead of the Russian assault, with about 2 million people – half the residents of the metro area of the capital – having fled as Putin’s troops draw ever closer.

For the next 16 days, Kristina, her husband, and son stayed at the school with 162 others, including 52 children, trapped at the heart of the lethal Russian assault on a port that Putin tried – and failed – to capture eight years ago.

Taylor’s wife Anne Coolidge-Taylor, 53, is sticking by him — at least temporarily — but their 18-year marriage faces fresh stress today as spurned Joya, 38, tells ‘He could not keep his d**k in his pants.’

Kremlin troops launched two attacks on Kyiv late Wednesday and earlier today – one via the besieged western city of Irpin and another through the eastern district of Brovary, with video showing the moment Russian tanks and armoured vehicles were bombarded with artillery in a devastating ambush and forced to turn back. 

This comes after the Met Office has issued an amber warning for wind which could cause a ‘risk to life’ in Northern Ireland until 7am, while a milder yellow wind warning covers England, Wales and south-western Scotland from midday until 1pm. 

The battle for Kyiv is now underway as Russian tanks this morning pushed to within just a few miles of the city outskirts, analysts and witnesses said, though initial assaults to the west and east were repelled as Putin’s forces face a long and bloody campaign to try and take the capital.

‘I said, are you still sleeping in the same bed?

He said yes. Then you don’t have anything to worry about honey, I said, because the first thing a woman does when she’s really mad is kick her husband out of bed.‘

They put tape over their windows for protection from flying glass, stocked up the freezer and started sleeping on mattresses alongside other families at High School Number Two, across the yard from their flat.

After a few weeks she hired a car and headed for Turkey, crossing a minefield on foot while pushing her youngest child in a buggy for the final few miles of the journey.She has not spoken to Georgelas, who changed his name to Yahya al-Bahrumi, since 2015 and it’s believed he died two years later.

Eventually Taylor broke things off with Joya, refusing to leave real estate mogul Anne — a relative of former president Calvin Coolidge and a direct descendant of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson — and their three daughters.

Like so many others, the family had discounted the threat of Russian invasion. Then, as fighting began on the city’s outskirts, they listened to civic leaders telling them to stay calm and joined communal efforts to distribute food and clothing to the frontline.

Taylor, a hardline conservative fell just 823 votes short of outright victory in the primary and was headed for a runoff with his closest opponent, Keith Self, but he instead emailed supporters on Wednesday last week to reveal that he was bowing out of his GOP primary race in disgrace.   

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