DNA Biological Age Test Kits


Have you been curious as to why your body seems to have more pronounced responses to stress, particular foods, or an irregular sleep cycle? It could be a sign of your biological clock being older than it should be. We all have a birthday, but that number is not useful in determining the actual age of your body. With our biological age test kits, you can discover what your current biological age is, what may have influenced it, and how to reverse it. Fortunately, slowing your biological aging is possible through the purposeful practice of intelligent lifestyle habits. When you take advantage of our biological age test kit, you’ll receive information from nationally-recognized medical institutions on how to further a healthy lifestyle. Our test is affordable, non-invasive, and accurate. Browse below for details and begin today!

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  • saliva collection kit

    Epigenetic Age Testing Kit

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    EpiSAMe Supplements

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  • age defense

    Age Defense

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