How does the Epiaging Test Work?


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The epigenetic kit will be mailed to you. Please keep a record of your unique barcode included in your kit.


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Gather saliva into the collection tubes and follow the instructions.

Send the kit back in the provided envelope.

Saliva Collection Kit Instruction, PDF

Knowing how DNA testing works can help you understand why you get the information you do, but it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. The results of your biological age test kit make sense only within dynamic life-long lifestyle management. Advice from science by the most reputable national medical associations is presented in the questions section. You enter data and then decide which recommendations to act upon.

​You share the data and your decisions with us using our “fully blinded” app. You can enter the data and the changes you made as often as you want. Data and outcomes of multiple users are analyzed continuously using state of the art machine learning and a personalized analysis is provided to you with some possible routes for improvement. Medicine is not an absolute science.

The methylation data obtained through our non-invasive DNA tests is more reliable than other methods currently in use. These include telomere length and metabolic age scores, which have higher technical requirements and lack the extensive verification processes our tests follow.

We are never perfect, but we are asymptomatically trying to improve by iterative analysis of data. We consider our platform as an “evolutionary” platform which dynamically improves with use with the ever-expanding body of data.

Our app will link you to information on recommended lifestyle behaviors by major U.S. national medical associations. These are updated regularly and we suggest that you review new studies and links periodically. These recommendations are based on what “science” knows today; as such, they are not perfect. Science improves through new data and continued analysis on a daily basis.

You’re free to update your lifestyle data as regularly as you wish. You might update all questions, some, or none. However, we believe that accurate reporting will provide a more accurate and better analysis.

Initially, our report will show how far are your lifestyle parameters from consensus recommendations. Your data will be anonymized and your data from other anonymous users will be analyzed by artificial intelligence to develop a model based on many users that measures the impact that lifestyle changes have on the “epigenetic clock”. In time as more data is accumulated, the model will be used on your lifestyle data and results of the “model” will be shared with you. It’s never been easier to test your biological age than with our kit.