Former Atlanta mayor says stray bullet nearly hit her nephew in bed

Amid growing frustration with the progressive prosecutor, more than 600 deputy district attorneys throughout LA county endorsed his recall Tuesday during an Association of Deputy District Attorneys meeting. 

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Gascon’s office argues that Collins’ good behavior, lack of ‘serious rule violations in more than 20 years’, and the fact that his crime only had ‘one victim,’ should grant him the opportunity to avoid the death penalty. 

‘Over a year ago, Gascón began a massive social experiment by redirecting prosecutorial resources away from enforcing the law while simultaneously ignoring large portions of the penal code,’ Siddall said.

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Bottoms, who served as mayor of Atlanta from 2018 to 2022, previously blamed the 50 percent increase in homicides in 2021 on lax gun laws, teenagers having too much free time on their hands and the state lifting its COVID-19.

In a video message to the besieged nation, Zelensky accused the Kremlin of attempting to seize the capital, overthrow the government and install a ‘puppet’ regime ‘like in Donetsk’, one of two separatist regions which warmonger Vladimir Putin officially recognised before launching an all-out invasion. 

LA District Attorney George Gascon was slammed by the family of 41-year-old father-of-three Fred Rose, who was shot ‘execution-style’ in 1992 as he is seeking to have his death penalty sentence commuted 

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The former mayor also said the pandemic ‘left a lot of people battered and bruised, not just physically, but also emotionally,’ which led to an increase in personal disputes that could easily be exacerbated by guns.

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Scott Collins, 21, kidnapped and killed Rose in 1992. Collins (pictured in 2007) used Rose’s debit card to withdraw $200, shot him in the head and dumped his body in North Hollywood, where he was later found by a jogger

Protests broke out at the time after the Ukrainian Justice Ministry ruled that using the term to describe a Jewish person was legal, turning back a petition demanding that the offensive word be banned from the public sphere.

Keisha Lance Bottoms says a stray bullet nearly hit her nephew after it penetrated his bedroom wall and landed beside his bed in Atlanta – just years after another nephew was tragically shot and killed.

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