Biden steps up attack on GOP budget as hurting Americans

The Prime Minister said Mr Putin is in charge of a ‘cynical, barbaric government’ and he believes Moscow could resort to deploying chemical weapons after its invasion stalled in the face of fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces. 

‘We are so overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of love, support and kindness we have received, and thanks to the generosity of you all, our journey to bring Alex home is now underway,’ Ms Shorey-Kitson wrote.

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I think I used all the spoons. It’s easy to do. I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say there are fairies there who bring you things and do the washing up, so you can stand there shouting, “Bowl!” and one will appear like magic.’ 

It was a report by Dr Michael Biggs, associate professor of Sociology at Oxford University, together with the experience of Keira Bell, a young woman who had been treated at GIDS with puberty blockers and prescribed cross-sex hormones as a teenager, that alerted me to the dangers of the treatments on offer. 

‘We have attempted three flights over the past few weeks, each one of them cancelled as Alex’s condition deteriorated further just prior to depature as the poison worked through his body causing further complications,’ they wrote in an update.

The Prime Minister said Mr Putin is in charge of a ‘cynical, barbaric government’ and he believes Moscow could resort to deploying chemical weapons after its invasion stalled in the face of fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces

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As for the boys who want to be girls, how often have they been teased because they’re effeminate?

How often have their dads wished they could kick a football? How many of both sexes are gay and should be allowed to grow up as such?

I Am a procrastinator.

Every morning I have to clear up mess from the garden left by my dogs. Yesterday I applied a trick from psychologists, who say doing a dreaded chore for just three minutes makes it manageable. I did it. The rule works!

 Last year, comedian John Bishop broke his top-of-the-range KitchenAid mixing bowl the first time he used it, and singer Nadine Coyle said she hadn’t done any preparation whatsoever, reasoning that she didn’t want to get nervous.

‘People underestimated what the House Republicans could accomplish, and we’ve really set the agenda,’ the third highest ranking House Republican said. ‘We are playing our role as the as the last backstop for the American people from single party Democrat rule.’

The White House accuses Republicans of ‘endangering public safety, raising costs for families, shipping manufacturing jobs overseas and undermining American workers, weakening national security, and hurting seniors.’

I finally got through to Homes for Ukraine and registered whom I could accommodate — adults with children. I gave the first part of my postcode, offered a home for six to nine months, gave permission for them to contact me, my full name, phone number and email address, ticked the box to say I agreed for the information given to be used and tried to continue. 

Mr Johnson’s comments came after Defence minister James Heappey insisted the bombing of a maternity hospital in Ukraine was a war crime as he called for Mr Putin and Russian generals to be held to account.

He says in almost every case puberty blockers led to cross-sex hormones, that no precise records were kept, there was an absence of published results and no follow-up of patients after the age of 18 as the service lost track of patients. 

The Prime Minister told Sky News’ Beth Rigby Interviews show: ‘I will make you one other prediction by the way which is that the stuff that you are hearing about chemical weapons, this is straight out of their playbook.

In each episode, four celebs attempt to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith in three challenges – the signature, the technical and the showstopper – in the hope of being crowned that episode’s Star Baker.

‘So, what matters beyond the outrage of the fact that this has happened in the first place is to make sure all this is catalogued so when – and they surely will be – President Putin and everybody in the military chain of command beneath him – because war crimes are committed at every level not just the ultimate decisionmaker – people will be held to account for what they are doing in. It’s utterly despicable.’

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