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Discover your real biological age (aging rate/longevity) & check your progress using our proprietary DNA methylation test kit.

DNA Methylation is the most peer-reviewed stable platform for biological age determination. It does not rely on blood markers or non-individually specific ancestral origin extrapolation

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Hundreds less than the “alternatives”


Validated and based on the Horvath epigenetic clock via DNA methylation


Uses only sputum; no blood, needles, or specimen cups involved

Meet Dr. Moshe Szyf

A leading-edge force in the emerging science of Epigenetics

Dr. Szyf is not known for the company he keeps. Szyf is renowned for his three decades’ worth of revolutionary research in genetics, early cancer detection, and presenting the first evidence that our genetic makeup is not fixed at birth. Rather, according to Szyf, our genetic code may be changed by a biochemical process called DNA Methylation.


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What is Biological Age?

We all know about our chronological or calendar age.
But do you know how old you really are?

Biological age compared to chronological age measures how well or poorly your body is functioning relative to how long you have been alive.

People age at different rates. Some "look" and "feel" older than their chronological age while others look younger than their chronological age. Therefore, your biological age is a better measurement of your health, well-being, and life span than your chronological age. Our DNA age testing kit is a non-invasive, affordable, and accurate way to assess your current biological age and receive recommendations on how to adjust it.

Epiaging test

Biological Age Detection
Methods Comparison



Low correlation.
High technical requirements Small technical errors may have a decisive ​impact on the results


Metabolic Age Scores

Sampling and detection methods are complex and have not been verified in a large number of population samples



Is closely related to the biological function of human body, and the acceleration of epigenetic clock is related to the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer

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How We Reveal Your Actual Age?

EpiAging is on the cutting edge of this “new age” science. It’s called Epigenetics and it uses a method called DNA methylation to determine your true age — which might, as science is thinking at this time, reveal some important information on your true health, and possibly the quality and even span of your life.

Epigenetics is new, but EpiAging already has three decades of pioneering research in this exciting area of DNA methylation. This means we are at the forefront of DNA testing companies. Our experience and expertise make us the leading epigenetics company in the marketplace today.

With our unique method of detecting the epi DNA methylation status stored in the cells in your saliva we reveal your actual age, which may encourage you to make these lifestyle changes

May Slow Down the Aging Process


May Prevent Disease Before Onset

May Improve Your Quality Of Life

May Increase Your Life Expectancy


How It Works




It’s that simple!


If your chronological age is 50 and your biological age is 35, excellent! But if your chronological age is 35 and your biological age says that you’re 50 — it might be the alarm calling on you to make lifestyle changes.

Advanced ageing is possibly associated with an increased risk of serious illness. Epigenetics may not be The Fountain of Youth but it is The Fountain of Life.

So grab the key and learn how old you are, really!

If we could define true “biological age”, we could test and design interventions that would slow the rate of biological aging.

In recent decades, considerable effort has been made to identify different parameters that can predict “biological aging” and lifespan, such as brittleness measures, hair aging, skin aging, and level of different types of white blood cells.

  • Measures of fragility
  • Hair graying
  • The aging of the skin
  • Levels of different types of white blood cells

As the science of Epigenetics discovers exciting new approaches to determine your true age, two important questions arise: what is your cellular DNA and why does it matter?

​Simply stated, more than 99% of your cellular DNA is identical to everyone else’s. However, a small part of your DNA, which may vary from person to person, makes you the unique person that you are.

After extensive data mining, we have discovered a single age-related CG methylation region that is sufficient to accurately predict biological age using saliva.

Although it is still not clear how one can decelerate his age, lifestyle changes recommended by most national medical associations are perhaps a point to start. Older age is a “red flag” that suggests that perhaps it is time to make some lifestyle changes.

  • Continuously analyzing Epiaging test results, general health parameters, personal interventions, and its outcomes of multiple users using state of the art machine learning algorithms.
  • Personalized analysis with some possible routes for improvement.
  • Coevolving of your well being and our “Epiaging” learning environment.